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2010 Avon Walkathon

Sup Parents.  Looks like you are starting to have lots of fun on your holiday ( just as we are ).  We have had an awesome weekend.  Last night Aunty Carmel said we all had to go to bed early because we had to be up bright and early on Sunday morning for our surprise.  It was very difficult to sleep because we were so excited, so Aunty Carmel let us lie on the bed with her again. 

Oscar using Harry as a pillow – so cute

All doggies resting before the big day . . .

We were awake at 04h00 this morning because we just couldn’t wait for our surprise anymore.  Eventually Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin told us we are going to do our bit for charity today.  They said we were going on a Walkathon in Emmarentia.  We didn’t really understand then what they meant, but next thing they put on our collars and leads so we knew we were going somewhere fun, fun, fun.

When we were put into that “styling” bakkie again, we were soooo happy, and couldn’t wait to get this charity thing started.

It took us an hour to get there and we saw a few other doggies ( but not the same ones as when we go hunting ).  Everybody was playing with us and telling us how gorgeous we are and we even made a new friend

After waiting for about 15 minutes or so, Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin told us it was time for the Walkathon to begin and we were about to go on a 5 kilometer walk around all these streets with all the other people and doggies.

Ready for the Walkathon

And off we go ( Koda wasn’t with us – he went with a friend of Aunty Carmels.  She is a commrades runner so they disappeared in front of us.  We were a bit worried about our friend Koda, but Aunty Carmel reassured us that we would see him at the end again. )

We had so much fun walking all over the place ( the newspapers on this side of the world are totally different to the ones we read in Midrants and “The Vale” ).  When we got to the end, these ladies from Purina came and gave us MORE of that doggie biltong and Purina bandana things for completing the walk ( Look how cool we look with our bandanas on ).  And just as Aunty Carmel promised, we met up with our friend Koda again.  Koda said he was the first dog to finish the walk – we are so proud of him because he has the shortest legs we have ever seen, but he runs so fast.

We got some more love and pats from all these strange people and then at lunchtime Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin said it was time to go home.  That was a good idea because even though we had an awesome time, we were very tired and needed to go relax on that bed in the bakkie.  So we all passed out for the whole ride back to “The Vale”. 

When we got back to Hotel Lorimer, we sat on the bed with Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin and watched some more Top Chef.  It is getting very exciting Mom and Dad – you better start watching soon.

WOW, what a great weekend we had – it was the bestest.  Uncle Gavin is calling us for dinner so we gotta go now.  Till next time – Harry and Oscar

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5 Responses to “2010 Avon Walkathon”

  1. mom and dad says:

    Sup boys Dad here
    I am glad to see you guys had lots of fun !!
    and im sure uncle G is going to have huge muscles after that walk!
    Your mom and me are starting to miss you when we see such cute pictures of you guys.
    But try keep off the bed ! oscar dont get to fresh with that way of living you know you on the floor when u get back home.
    Anyways we love looking at the super cool pics Aunty C is taking of you, give her a big lick from us
    Dad out

  2. Harry and Oscar says:

    Sup Dad. How’s things going? Even though we are having an absolute ball at Hotel Lorimer, we are missing you guys too, but Aunty C keeps telling us that you will be back before we know it, so that helps a bit.
    Daaaad, we only lie on the bed for TV time. At Hotel Lorimer, you get to watch TV in the bedroom ( not the lounge ), so we watch from the bed instead of the couch ( If we had to watch from the floor, we wouldn’t be able to see anything ). We sleep on the floor in our baskets for most of the night. Sometimes we sneak onto the bed around 05h00 in the morning to check that all the peeps and other doggies are still okay and then just stay there until it is breakfast time. Aunty Carmel says that is fine because we also deserve morning cuddles and kisses and Uncle Gavin get up shortly thereafter so there is enough space for us as well. So don’t worry Dad, we are behaving ourselves.
    Please tell Mom we say SUP and give her a big lick and kiss from us. Later Dad

  3. Gavin Lorimer says:

    Walking five dogs is lots of fun or should I say when five dogs take me for a walk, you should see what happens when we see other dogs,Lucky I am so tall.

  4. Gavin Lorimer says:

    Dont worry guys your boys have been behaving. When it comes to sleep time they are very good and go to there basket’s.

  5. mom and dad says:

    love the first photo!
    Love the second photo!!
    Love the photo of Uncle Gavin being taken for a walk by all of you!! The other walkers must have thought he was MAD! 🙂
    sounds like u had a fabulous weekend …


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