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Yipppeee – weekend had arrived

Hey Mom and Dad – Welcome back to the land of the living.  We were begining to wonder if you guys were ever going to leave that Honeymoon suite of yours – lol.  Things are still going great at Hotel Lorimer.  Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin are the best doggie hotel owners ever.  They even let us all lie on the bed with them for TV time ( Penny Lopes was being a good girl and watching from her basket )

But we are also good when it comes to sleep time and we also go to our baskets.  We even let Koda share with us.

BFF’s Koda and Harry and Oscar all sharing their baskets

Koda and Harry


Oscar says he is trying to teach Snoopy hunting skills – not so sure about that one though

But we have both figured out how Snoopy manages to get behind those creepers ( so much fun )

Oscar running behind the creepers

Harry running behind the creepers

We had a nice bit of rain last night and guess what – that black wobbly thing got it’s own water bowl just for the rain.  We are soo happy now – it is even more fun to play on the wobbly thing now that it is full of water

Mom and Dad, there are so many things happening at Hotel Lorimer, it is so exciting.  Aunty Carmel came home with a bunch of little white packets and we could smell something delicious was inside.  When we asked her what was inside and what they were for, she said it was part of a very big surprise that she has planned for us on Sunday.

She did however show us those delicious smelly things which turned out to be doggie biltong.  There were 5 packets in total ( so that meant one whole, full packet for each of us doggies ).   Aunty Carmel said they are all for us and no one else – can you believe it.

We are so glad you brought us to Hotel Lorimer, this is turning out to be the bestest holiday ever.  Anyways, us doggies are having a secret meeting at 18h30 to discuss the weekend and to try figure out what our surprise is for Sunday so we have to go now.  Hope you are still enjoying your holiday.  Still sending beagle kisses, licks and hugs – Harry and Oscar

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3 Responses to “Yipppeee – weekend had arrived”

  1. mom and dad says:

    wow boys – you have been so busy – we love the pics of all of you snuggling on the bed – u are getting so spoilt!! have u been watching top chef? u mustn”t tell us about the episodes we havent seen yet! 😉

    harry – the pic of you and koda cuddling is also very very cute 😀

    we’re very very glad you are all having a good time – i really hope u are behaving properly for Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin!!

    lucky u for all that biltong… the suprise sounds very exciting – cant wait to hear more!!


  2. Wendy says:

    Boys I’d do my best to stay there if I were you….. Well done to Uncle Gavin for walking 4 beagles! Super impressed.

  3. Aunty Carmel says:

    Koda would be over the moon if his BBF’s ( Bestest Beagle Friends ) stayed here permanently. And Snoopy’s amazing hunting skills could rub off on Harry and Oscar as well – how cool would that be.

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