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One week anniversary

Sup parents, Oscie again.  Hope you are enjoying your days in the Keys ( and FYI Mom and Dad, your spelling and vocab is atrocious ).  It is exactly one week today, that we arrived at Hotel Lorimer.  Can you believe it?  We are still having an awesome time here, however, Aunty Carmel put us on the other side of  the Hotel again today because she says I had verbal  diarrhoea and was “talking” to much.  She said if I blogged tonight, I must tell you that she says there is nothing wrong with my lungs or “talking” cords – just in case you ever had any doubt. 

Aunty Carmel says this is the reason we went to the other side today

When we came back to the nice side of Hotel Lorimer, the fun began all over again.

I chased Snoopy

And Koda all over the garden

Today was also a very exciting day for me because I am a big boy now and not scared of the big black wobbly thing anymore.  It is really fun once you get used to it and I play on it all the time now ( and continued “talking” )

Harry also like playing on the black wobbly thing.

Aunty Carmel said she would take the black wobbly thing away one of these days so we can see what is underneath.  I am so excited to see what it is. 

Anyway Mom and Dad, it is time for Top Chef so gotta dash, the rest of them dogs and humans are waiting just for me.  So I am sending more kisses and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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One Response to “One week anniversary”

  1. mom and dad says:

    hey boys!! we are back near easy computer access, so we can leave proper comments 😉 …

    you look like u are having waaaaaaaaay to much fun – oscar, u better start shutting your mouth, otherwise Aunty Carmel is going to smack u – i told her she must if u are impossible!!

    i am glad to see that u aren’t scared of the black wobbly thing anymore – you must let us know what is underneath it!

    im happy to see you are chasing koda too – he is normally always chasing you… do u take turns?

    hope u haven’y forgotten how to hunt – you must give penny lopes and snoop some hunting tips while u are there!

    ok – be good boys!

    mom & dad

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