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Garden Boys

Sup Parents, Oscar here ( I thought I would greet you like Dad greets everyone – lol ).  Hope you are having a great time on holiday and enjoyed your canoeing today.

Today was a different day for Harry and I.  Apparently, Friday is garden boy day around “The Vale” and all the neighbours around Hotel Lorimer seemed to have one, so I was very excited.  I started “talking” to them through the walls the minute I heard them.  Eventually Aunty Carmel came out and told me that I was “TALKING” too loud and that the people in Midrants could hear me.  So we were all moved to this part of Hotel Lorimer I had never seen before.  There was nothing wrong with it, it was just a lot smaller than we had come accustomed to and there was no grass and I could no longer talk to those garden boys.  We spent the morning here and Aunty Carmel told us we could go back to the nice side of Hotel Lorimer in the afternoon.

It was another very hot day today ( I heard the radio say 32 degrees ).  When we got back to the other side, Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin had brought out the biggest water bowl I had ever seen for us.  While I was drinking from it, that silly Jack Russell friend of mine Koda, came and sat right in the middle of it.

It was soo exciting to go back to the nice side of Hotel Lorimer, we ran and played for the whole afternoon and Aunty Carmel even played ball with me

There is this big black wobbly thing in the middle of our garden that Snoopy, Penny and Koda run and play on all the time.  Both Harry and I were very scared of it but Harry also likes it now and everytime I look for him, he is playing on this wobbly thing with my other doggie friends. 

Harry has told me that this wobbly thing is scarier than it looks and I must come join the fun, but for now, I think I am safer on solid ground so I just watch them from the sidelines

Even though we only spent half the day on the nice side of Hotel Lorimer, we were once again absolutely buggered by supper time and Harry went and passed out on the cold house tiles to cool off ( Koda said we were both silly and should have climbed into the big water bowl like he did )

Anyways parents, it is way past my bedtime and I need my handsome sleep so Harry and I send you more beagle kisses and please send us some pictures of your adventures – This Florida place looks very boring with no updates.

P.S.  Aunty Carmel says we won’t be able to blog tomorrow because they have her Company’s annual awards evening and they will only be back after breakfast on Sunday morning ( but you mustn’t worry about us – Aunty Carmel’s Dad will be here to look after us ).

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One Response to “Garden Boys”

  1. mom and dad says:

    oh harry – i am so proud of u that u are brave enough to go on the black wobbly thing!! :) such a clever boy!

    oscar, i hope u and koda are sharing the toys nicely!

    i hope aunty carmel’s awards evening go well… give her a big good luck lick :) and DON’T give her dad a hard time while he is looking after you!

    we busy doing a blog now – so u can see what we’ve up to!

    lotsa love!

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