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Swimming and running

Sup Mr and Mrs Van Staden 🙂

Your babies checking in again from Hotel Lorimer :).  I am glad to see you are having as much fun on your holiday as we are.  

We love chasing our friends around the garden, it is sooo much fun

And we never seem to get tired of it 🙂

But the most fun we have had is swimming.  We are so happy Hotel Lorimer fixed their swimming pool in time for our holiday – we have been swimming everyday and absolutely LUV it. 

Aunty Carmel sometimes throws the ball in for us and then we jump in and fetch it.  You must try it sometime Mom and Dad, it is the best fun you will ever have 🙂

Harry first tried to bring the ball to the edge using his paw

But eventually gave in and jumped in to fetch it

Oscar also jumped in a few times to fetch it

Our friend Koda likes to sit on the step and relax – he says that step was built just for him 🙂

He then likes to dig a hole in the new flower bed to bury his ball.  He is such a silly boy

When Aunty Carmel came outside, she shouted at Koda because he looked like this

She said Koda is going to come home with us when you guys fetch us at the end of our holiday.  We are beyond excited now.  Can you imagine how cool it will be to have our BFF living with us – it is going to be amazing 🙂

Anyways parents, we are going for one last swim before TV time.  Sending licks and kisses and hope you enjoy the last day of your holiday.  See you soon – Oscie and Harroooo 🙂

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One Response to “Swimming and running”

  1. Mom and dad says:

    Love the swimming pics… So proud of u boys swimming so nicely! Looks like tons of fun… Glad u five are all playing so nicely.
    Im not so sure about koda coming home with u tho… How about we just leave u at hotel lori,er instead?? Hehe!
    Be good and enjoy your last day at hotel lorimer.. I,ll msg aunty c when we get back from ,walkhaven, and let her know when we coming to fetch u… Grampa is fetching us at the airport … If we dont miss our ride!!

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