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Revlon CHOC Fun Walk

Sup parents, legal beagles here 🙂

We hope you are enjoying your honeymoon at “Walkhaven” and are not missing us too much 🙂

Weekend has arrived, and just like last year, Aunty C told us she had something special planned for Sunday.  We will once again be doing our bit for charity – but a different one this time.  She said we are going to Zoo Lake this time to do the Revlon CHOC  Celebration of life fun walk.  We were so excitied because last year’s one was sooo much fun, we couldn’t wait for Sunday to come.

Pennylopes woke Aunty C and Uncle G up at 05h30 on Sunday morning just to make sure they didn’t over sleep ( they only went to bed late on Saturday because they were celebrating the Lions winning the Currie Cup ).  Uncle G said we may not be able to go because the weather wasn’t playing along and there had been a typical Highveld thunderstorm on Friday evening and it had been raining in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Even though it was overcast, Aunty C still said we must go, so we had our breakfast and by 07h00 we were all in that styling bakkie ready for our adventure to begin

By the time we got there, the clouds were gone, the sun was shining and we were ready for the walk to start

We had to walk around this massive park.  It had a big dam with ducks and everything – it was awesome, such interesting stories to read on every tree and bush.  We left a few of our own stories along the way aswell and then relaxed a bit while we waited for our friend Koda.

Once again, Koda didn’t walk with us because he is a little machine and wanted to run all the way, so Aunty Carmel’s friend’s son took Koda.  His name is Jordan and he is only 10 years old, but he also likes to run.  He ran all the way with Koda and once again, our friend Koda came first – second year in a row :).  Eukanuba gave him a prize with a big pink ribbon on for winning.  We are so proud of our BFF

Everybody was coming to us and telling us how gorgeous we are and taking photos of us – guess this is what is feels like to be famous :).  When Aunty C wanted to take a picture of us, we thought we would play a trick on her and decided to look the other way and not at the camera ( famous beagles can do that you know ) – but we still look so handsome, even from the side

 When we got back to the Vale, Koda started playing with the toy he won in his prize packet.  We don’t mind him playing with it first because he ran so well – he deserves it.  We think he is also going to be famous one day  🙂

Anyway parents, we are very hot from our adventure this morning so we are going to go cool off in the swimming pool.  Have you tried out your swimming pool yet? 

Still sending plenty of beagle kisses across the ocean to you and hope you are having as much fun as we are 🙂

Till next time parents – Harry and Oscar out 🙂

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2 Responses to “Revlon CHOC Fun Walk”

  1. Mom and dad says:

    Hey boys… Glad aunty C convinced uncle G to go walkies! Well done to koda… I also think he will be famous one day… Speediest JRT in the world! Glad u guys are having fun… We have been thinking about u!

    Yes, we have swum in the pool here… I think u guys would like it, harry, there is a shallow section on the side that is perfect for you, and oscar, it is big enough for u to swim to your hearts content!

    Hope u two are behaving and being good beagles!

    Thanks for the news 🙂

    Tickles and kisses!

  2. Mom and dad says:

    Ps love that first photo of all of u in the styling vale bakkie!!

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