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Hotel Lorimer

Sup legal parents

Harrooo here.  Aunty C told us you had trouble getting to “Walkhaven”.  She said the people that were taking you, left you behind.  That is very rude of them.  You should have just gone in that styling Hotel Lorimer bakkie – they never leave us behind 🙂

This is just a quick blog to let you know that everything is awesome at Hotel Lorimer, so you don’t have to worry about us – and you can enjoy yourself at “Walkhaven”. 

Yesterday was Dewali and boy do these people in the Vale like celebrating it.  There were so many of crackers going off everywhere.   Aunty C and Uncle G put the TV on so I couldn’t here the crackers and let me sleep with them on the bed until the crackers stopped – I wasn’t scared at all and slept the whole time 🙂

Aunty C also doesn’t believe that we are late sleepers because we have been awake at 05h00 every morning since we got to Hotel Lorimer.  We have our breakfast and are outside running and playing by 06h00 – it is sooo much fun.  Aunty C tried to get photos of us running and playing this morning ( at 06h13 ), but we running so fast, the photos are blurry ( I personally dont think she knows how to use her camera so early in the morning ), but you can still get an idea of how much fun we are having


Oscie loves chasing Snoops behind the creepers

and you know what parents, that Koda is the silliest Jack Rusell I have ever met.  He didn’t want to play with us this morning because he was trying to make his blanket squeak.  I told him his blanket can’t squeak, but he doesn’t want to listen to me

I am sure he will come join in the fun later.

I can hear Snoopy, Penny and Oscie calling me – I think it is swimming time.  I hope you get a chance to swim in your swimming pool – it is sooo much fun.  I will blog about our swimming adventures later.

Be good parents, I know it is your honeymoon, but you must still behave yourself 🙂

Sending lots of beagle love and kisses – Harroooo ( and Oscie 🙂 )

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One Response to “Hotel Lorimer”

  1. Mom and dad says:

    Hey boys… Good to know u are doing well and the crackers didnt worry u too much! We saw fireworks here from the aeroplane as wewere landing and we thought of u and hoped u were safe.

    Play hard, swim hard and sleep late! 🙂

    Lots of love from ur legal parents!

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