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Greetings once again Mom and Dad, Oscar checking in.  Hope you are enjoying your football match – I believe it’s Go Dolphins – lol.  When we woke up this morning we were sooo excited once again because we knew Aunty Carmel and Uncle Gavin were taking us to see all our beagle friends today.  We know how much energy we need for this afternoon, so we spent the morning relaxing.  Harry and Koda even dug up the “flower bed” to make a comfy spot for them to chill.  Koda however kept one ear very alert just to make sure we didn’t miss the call to get ready.

Before we knew it, it was time and we were on our way.  When we got there, we went straight to the dam and Uncle Gavin threw my squeaky ball into the water.  Harry was the first one to get it

Next thing we knew, all our beagle friends had arrived.  There was Rotadom, Pippin and Rebel, Aimee and Nelson, Kingsley and Enzo, Stewie and Daisy and Humphrey with Barnaby and all his beagles.  Everywhere you looked there were just beagle friends and more beagle friends.  It was wonderful.

It was a nice cool day and there were even one or two little rain showers while we were there, but Rotadom still thought the sun was to bright so they both came with their sunglasses on.  I must admit, they do look rather cool with their shades on

We had so much fun running and chasing each other and our friends through the bushes

And the mud.  We got sooo dirty, but it was awesome

Forget mud socks – try mud BODY SUITS

Uncle Gavin even brought some of our biltong that we got for completing our Walkathon last week with and we shared it with all our beagle friends – they all loved it ( even Rotadom )

Eventually at 17h30, our holiday parents told us it is time to get going because we had a long ride home and we would definately need a good long bath and scrub to try get us clean, so they wanted to get home before it was to dark.  We didn’t mind because we had such a great time at Walkhaven and our friends were leaving aswell.  So next thing, we were all packed into that bakkie and ready to go

When we got home, Harry and I both had to be bathed twice to try get our legs clean.  We had dinner and then it was off to our baskets for some sleep.  We were absolutely exhasted but it was definately worth every minute.

So Mom and Dad, I woke up just to come and tell you all about our afternoon at Walkhaven, but I am still very tired.  So I am checking out for now.  I hope the Dolphins won and hope to see a blog from you soon.  Later dudes – Oscar

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4 Responses to “Walkhaven”

  1. mom and dad says:

    ooooh, that looks fun!! Uncle G and Aunty C are very brave and kind to take you to all these awesome places while you are staying with them! i bet u had a great time with all your other friends there 🙂

    and loving the mud body suits!!

    sleep tight!

  2. Gavin Lorimer says:

    It was just like a car wash last nihgt washing alll the dogs. Wash,Dry and the only things we did not do was give them a vacum and polish there tyres.

  3. Jono says:

    The Lorimer’s is the best pet hotel in the world! These little guys are having so much fun. Well done 🙂

  4. mom and dad says:

    yeah it does seen like they are having way too much fun. wonder if they will want to come back to their real home

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