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The magic blue cover

Greetings parents.  Harry signing in.  Weekend has arrived which is great because we know Aunty Carmel always plans something special for us on the weekend.  I believe we will be seeing all our beagle friends tomorrow, so we are super, super excited.  Today started off as normal with all of us doggies playing and chasing each other around the garden

Oscar reading “The Vale Times”

Then Aunty C and Uncle G put us in the other side of Hotel Lorimer for a while because they said the time had come to get rid of the black wobbly thing.  Oscar and I were sooo upset because we really like the black wobbly thing now and play on it all the time.  Little did we know that Aunty Carmel had another surprise for us.

She replaced it with a blue cover ( Apparently the black wobbly thing doesn’t work so well in the rainy season ).  We were so happy to see there was something new for us to play on.  Aunty Carmel said it was a magic cover and we would discover why when we played on it.  At first we weren’t so sure about this whole idea and only played on the corner

But then we saw our friend Koda running on it and we saw the magic.  This cover makes a special little swimming pool for you to play in as you walk or run on it – HOW COOL IS THAT

Once we figured that out – the fun really began.

I absolutely LOVE this magic cover mom and dad – please can we also get one.  I played on it the whole afternoon and had even more fun trying to find my ball in my little swimming pool.


This cover is so magical, it knows we don’t only want to “swim”, so if you go to the other side, it stays dry and the material is a little bit rough so it is perfect for a nice back rub – Isn’t that just amazing Mom and Dad

Hotel Lorimer is “the bomb” and this is turning out to be the best holiday ever.  Well, that magic cover is calling my name again, so I am off.  Enjoy your last few hours of Disney and send us an update soon.  Harry signing off.

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One Response to “The magic blue cover”

  1. mom and dad says:

    wow boys, that looks like way too much fun!! love the back scratching! 🙂
    are you going to be able to leave hotel lorimer…?? looks like you are loving it too much!

    see u soon!!

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