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Harry’s girlfriend

Hey Mom and Dad, Oscar here.  Just finished reading your blog.  I am really glad to see you guys are having such a wonderful time on your holiday.  Things are still going great on this side of the world, but I had to be the first to tell you that we have a little beagle romance happening at Hotel Lorimer.  Harry has a girlfriend – Pennylopes.  They don’t leave each other alone.  If you need to find Harry, look for Penny and if you need to find Penny, look for Harry.  They are always together, running and playing.

And whispering little “I love yous” to each other

And Mom and Dad, I even caught them kissing

They were getting a bit out of hand, so we have put Koda in charge to watch over them

Harry and Penny are watching a movie right now, so that’s why I am the blogger today, but he said I must tell you that he is very happy and he thinks Pennylopes is the sexiest beagle to walk this planet.

Other than Harry and Penny’s romance, Koda and I are still best buds and play ball with each other all the time

And there is no curfew at Hotel Lorimer so sometimes we play until it is too dark for Aunty Carmel to even take pictures anymore ( but she does still try ). 

Well time for me to go Mom and Dad.  You must carry on having an awesome holiday and I look forward to the stories of your next adventure.  Sending lots of beagle love and kisses – Oscar

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2 Responses to “Harry’s girlfriend”

  1. mom and dad says:

    hey boys…
    well well well Harry – look at you!!
    Oscar, are you sure Pennylopes is Harry’s GF and they arent just friends and exchange makeup advice, clothes, shoes and which boys are cute…? you know your brother is, well, rather special 😉 wink wink!!

    anyway, i’m glad that you guys are all having fun!! I hope that Penny will follow Harry whhen we go hunting again, wouldn’t that be cool!!?


  2. mom and dad says:

    and PS – keep keeping an eye on them!! 😉

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